Switching Personas

I’m struggling to stay awake at three in the afternoon, after a fairly ropy night’s sleep last night. Well, it is Thursday, and I will be presenting Simon’s Big New Thursday Thing in just over an hour, so the content will probably be suitably off-the-wall and scatterbrained. A strong (free) takeaway coffee from Waitrose should start to kick in shortly.

My plans for next Thursday’s overnight show are coming together. Thus far, it looks like I’ll have three co-conspirators, spaced through the nine hours of the show: Lee Barber, of Garage Greenhouse (the cool and incisive local music show that goes out at seven pm on Monday evenings) and Rebel Bear Precinct (media/news/publishing); Steve Hammersley, good friend of mine and one third of The Situation (local music promotion group); and John E Blaze, ex-pro wrestler and presenter of Esoteric (the show that airs after Loose Canon on Monday nights).

I’ll be playing a fair chunk of new music, much as might hear on a regular edition of Loose Canon, plus many of my favourites from the last few years of the show, some old gems from further back, a healthy dose of local music suggested by Lee and Steve, indie esoterica from John, and requests from your splendid selves.

At the moment, I’m contemplating switching personas for the last couple of hours of the overnight show, and bringing in some of the characters and lunacy from Simon’s Big New Thursday Thing… We’ll see.

More soon.


Dodging The Drizzle

It’s a beautifully sunny afternoon here in the wilds of North Staffordshire, after a rather damp and dismal start to the day. Dodging the drizzle, we did get out for a walk along the Trent And Mersey Canal this afternoon, taking refuge in a friendly hostelry during a heavier downfall, which sadly lasted ninety minutes, just time for a couple of pints…

We’re back at my lady love’s abode now, have dried off and fed. I’ve just been dotting the tees and crossing the eyes on my notes for tonight’s Loose Canon, so all is ready to throw into the car at 8:30pm for the drive across to the studio.

The featured album is one I’ve been waiting for – and rabbiting on about – for months. Future Of The Left’s ‘The Peace And Truce Of Future Of The Left’ arrived in my inbox a couple of days ago, and I’m excited to be able to share it with you this evening. I’m uncertain when the physical copies are being shipped out, but I’m fairly sure I ordered a tee-shirt too, so will wear that in the studio for you when it arrives.

Not sure if I’ve told you about this yet, but I’ll be doing an overnight show on Thursday 7th April, starting at 11pm UK time, finishing at 8am the next morning. This is part of more than two weeks of overnight shows, aiming to raise awareness of, and funds for, 6 Towns Radio – a great station run entirely by volunteers. If you’d like to make a donation, please click on the link below. Also, if you’d like me to play a request on that show, please donate one pound or more, and let me know which track you’d like, as soon as possible. If you’d like to choose an album to be played as one of the featured albums, please donate ten pounds or more, and again, let me know a.s.a.p.

Take care, and I’ll see you soon.



It’s been physically gruelling week thus far, starting on Saturday with my first experience of paint-balling, in which our team – several daft teenagers, one retired military man, plus me – were pitted against what appeared to be a team of regular, if not professional, players – mayhem ensued. My multiple bruises have now faded, but getting up and down stairs is still a bit tricky.

Monday’s Loose Canon was cool and fantastic, with a fine featured album from Sweden’s A Nighthawk, and many other great tracks from the likes of Stella Diana, Undone, Mind Spiders, ShitKid – cloudcast links below, if you’d like to listen.

On the show, I mentioned Manfredi Lamartina’s excellent article on Rockit.it about Italogaze, or the new wave of Italian shoegaze bands. Many of the bands that we’ve played on the show get a mention, and Loose Canon even gets a namecheck, which completely bowled me over – link to the article below.

Just back from an exciting and expansive meeting of The Situation (North Staffordshire’s favourite not-for-profit music promotions group), talking about our plans for the rest of 2016, with particular reference to our Big May Birthday, the annual all-dayer, taking place on Sunday 1st May at The Foxlowe Community Arts Centre here in Leek. We’ve got a bloody fantastic line-up, details of which will be released over the weekend – three stages, fifteen acts, family friendly, great beer, top fun!

I’m just now putting together the music for this afternoon’s Simon’s Big New Thursday Thing – my other show, which still contains great music (generally more daytime-friendly than Loose Canon), interspersed with what purports to be improvised humour and surrealism – no idea, at this point, what the show is going to be about this week…

That’s it for the moment. I shall endeavour to pop in and see you again very soon.


Stumbling Through Reality

Another bright and beautiful morning here, with sunlight streaming in through the blinds. Not warm, by any means, but hey it’s only mid-March, and the vaulted halls of my lady love’s abode won’t warm up until early summer. I have two fleecy blankets wrapped around my legs.

I may not have been quite at the top of my game for last night’s Loose Canon, but I believe that the music spoke for itself, as indeed it should.

Regular listeners will know that the show is a loose assemblage of leftfield music (post-punk, punk, shoegaze, darkwave, no wave, garage, experimental, psych, dreampop, etc etc) which I’ve pieced together over the preceding week, the vast majority having been released within the previous month or two, with two opening oldies.

If your not a listener, regular or otherwise, you could click on the links below to listen to the cloudcast of the show – if you like what you find, there are shed-loads of archived shows there to work your way through.


The Lammergeier Workshop

A cold grey March Saturday afternoon, and I’m ensconced in my warm pit with a huge pile of music to listen to, prior to tomorrow morning’s serious business of threading Monday’s show together.

Whilst listening, I’ve done a Photoshop tutorial, various social media postings for The Situation, and stabilised three gallons of pear wine.

A small child is playing a keyboard behind me, with that wild abandon of the very young, occasionally interspersed with strange bouts of frantic dancing – magical stuff.

I did join in with the free-form dancing for a short while, from the safety of my chair – a nice gentle workout.

So, back to the pile – it looks like Loose Canon is going to be even more multinational than usual this week, with contributors from Kuala Lumpur, Lille, Tokyo, Budapest, Belem (Brazil), Toronto, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Milan, thus far… (You may expect to hear music to which some of these adjectives could be applied: aetherial, ragged, dangerous, cool, disturbing…).