The Lammergeier Workshop

A cold grey March Saturday afternoon, and I’m ensconced in my warm pit with a huge pile of music to listen to, prior to tomorrow morning’s serious business of threading Monday’s show together.

Whilst listening, I’ve done a Photoshop tutorial, various social media postings for The Situation, and stabilised three gallons of pear wine.

A small child is playing a keyboard behind me, with that wild abandon of the very young, occasionally interspersed with strange bouts of frantic dancing ā€“ magical stuff.

I did join in with the free-form dancing for a short while, from the safety of my chair ā€“ a nice gentle workout.

So, back to the pile ā€“ it looks like Loose Canon is going to be even more multinational than usual this week, with contributors from Kuala Lumpur, Lille, Tokyo, Budapest, Belem (Brazil), Toronto, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Milan, thus far… (You may expect to hear music to which some of these adjectives could be applied: aetherial, ragged, dangerous, cool, disturbing…).


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