Stumbling Through Reality

Another bright and beautiful morning here, with sunlight streaming in through the blinds. Not warm, by any means, but hey it’s only mid-March, and the vaulted halls of my lady love’s abode won’t warm up until early summer. I have two fleecy blankets wrapped around my legs.

I may not have been quite at the top of my game for last night’s Loose Canon, but I believe that the music spoke for itself, as indeed it should.

Regular listeners will know that the show is a loose assemblage of leftfield music (post-punk, punk, shoegaze, darkwave, no wave, garage, experimental, psych, dreampop, etc etc) which I’ve pieced together over the preceding week, the vast majority having been released within the previous month or two, with two opening oldies.

If your not a listener, regular or otherwise, you could click on the links below to listen to the cloudcast of the show – if you like what you find, there are shed-loads of archived shows there to work your way through.…/loose-canon-14th-march-2016


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