It’s been physically gruelling week thus far, starting on Saturday with my first experience of paint-balling, in which our team – several daft teenagers, one retired military man, plus me – were pitted against what appeared to be a team of regular, if not professional, players – mayhem ensued. My multiple bruises have now faded, but getting up and down stairs is still a bit tricky.

Monday’s Loose Canon was cool and fantastic, with a fine featured album from Sweden’s A Nighthawk, and many other great tracks from the likes of Stella Diana, Undone, Mind Spiders, ShitKid – cloudcast links below, if you’d like to listen.

On the show, I mentioned Manfredi Lamartina’s excellent article on about Italogaze, or the new wave of Italian shoegaze bands. Many of the bands that we’ve played on the show get a mention, and Loose Canon even gets a namecheck, which completely bowled me over – link to the article below.

Just back from an exciting and expansive meeting of The Situation (North Staffordshire’s favourite not-for-profit music promotions group), talking about our plans for the rest of 2016, with particular reference to our Big May Birthday, the annual all-dayer, taking place on Sunday 1st May at The Foxlowe Community Arts Centre here in Leek. We’ve got a bloody fantastic line-up, details of which will be released over the weekend – three stages, fifteen acts, family friendly, great beer, top fun!

I’m just now putting together the music for this afternoon’s Simon’s Big New Thursday Thing – my other show, which still contains great music (generally more daytime-friendly than Loose Canon), interspersed with what purports to be improvised humour and surrealism – no idea, at this point, what the show is going to be about this week…

That’s it for the moment. I shall endeavour to pop in and see you again very soon.


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