Switching Personas

I’m struggling to stay awake at three in the afternoon, after a fairly ropy night’s sleep last night. Well, it is Thursday, and I will be presenting Simon’s Big New Thursday Thing in just over an hour, so the content will probably be suitably off-the-wall and scatterbrained. A strong (free) takeaway coffee from Waitrose should start to kick in shortly.

My plans for next Thursday’s overnight show are coming together. Thus far, it looks like I’ll have three co-conspirators, spaced through the nine hours of the show: Lee Barber, of Garage Greenhouse (the cool and incisive local music show that goes out at seven pm on Monday evenings) and Rebel Bear Precinct (media/news/publishing); Steve Hammersley, good friend of mine and one third of The Situation (local music promotion group); and John E Blaze, ex-pro wrestler and presenter of Esoteric (the show that airs after Loose Canon on Monday nights).

I’ll be playing a fair chunk of new music, much as might hear on a regular edition of Loose Canon, plus many of my favourites from the last few years of the show, some old gems from further back, a healthy dose of local music suggested by Lee and Steve, indie esoterica from John, and requests from your splendid selves.

At the moment, I’m contemplating switching personas for the last couple of hours of the overnight show, and bringing in some of the characters and lunacy from Simon’s Big New Thursday Thing… We’ll see.

More soon.


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