Whoosh – ginger, galangal and turmeric tea – that’s some major triple ginger hit! Hopefully this will help lift me out of a miserable miasma of a mood, caused by a recurring infection that nothing has yet managed to eradicate.

Last Thursday’s nine hour overnight show was tighter than I could have hoped for, with excellent support from guests/co-hosts Steve Hammersley and Johnny Blaze. Steve and I talked about our upcoming one day music festival, The Situation’s 5th Big May Birthday, and played tracks by most of the acts who’ll be appearing (Rinse, October Drift, Liines, Dirty Rotten Souls, Unqualified Nurse Band, Shimmer Trap, Sugarking, Lazy Eye, The Taskers), getting a real taste of what’s to come on Sunday 1st May. When Johnny arrived, we played some of his choices, giving us a interesting flavour of his Monday night show, Esoteric – some of it a bit lightweight for me, but there were one or two quirky surprises. I have sworn that I’ll never attempt an all-nighter again, but apparently I say this every time…

With so much of my usual research time going into that leviathan, I had thought that Monday’s show would suffer, and that I’d maybe have to pad it out with a lot more oldies than usual, but it actually turned out to be a damned fine bash, with more nowave than I’ve played in a while, and a cool and relentlessly driving featured album from The Infinite Three. If you’ve not already caught it, click on one of these links:



You can find out more about The Situation’s 5th Big May Birthday here:


That’s it for now – will get back to you soon. xyz


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