The Cull

Saturday afternoon, and I’m settled in for a mega listening session, with beers and snacks within easy reach. There are some bloody excellent sounds thus far – I’m about a quarter of the way through my planned list, and could already almost fill the playlist for Monday’s show. I love doing this, as you probably know, but there may be some difficult decisions to make when it comes to the final edit, tomorrow morning.

This morning my lady love and I visited the Staffordshire Moorlands Open Art Exhibition, where I have two pieces on show. Overall the standard of work is high as usual, with the occasional perplexing inclusion (mine, you may well think…). Worth a scan, if you are in the area – I’ll certainly be popping in again for a second look, next time I’m passing.

Sunday morning now, and I’ve chosen the featured album for tomorrow’s Loose Canon – Strasbourg band Hermetic Delight’s seven track EP ‘Vow’. Still struggling to cull a long list of good stuff down to size for a two hour show. Going to take a break, get out in the fresh air for an hour or so.

More later.


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