What the fuck?

A strange and busy few weeks, with the day-job taking rather more time and energy than is the norm, bizarre developments in the wider world, and insomnia rearing its familiar head, but I’m back with you now.

Multi-tasking at the moment – ripping a hug stack of CDs (prior to getting rid of them), unzipping dozens of recent downloads for Monday’s Loose Canon, whilst drinking home-made green tea mead and listening to Marc Riley on 6 Music – great Connan Mockasin track on just now, by the way.

Some outstanding new music around this week – can’t wait to share a slice of it with you on Monday.

I’ll add the links to the cloudcasts of this Monday’s show, at the bottom of the page, in case you’ve not caught it yet

I’ve started to try and comment on the political situation three or four times over the last week, but every time I look back at what I’ve written, things have already moved on. At this point, all I can really say is, ‘What the fuck..?’ Given the changes that have happened in the last two weeks, who can say where we’ll be in another two years?