I’m back!

Spring is here, and I’m back with you. It’s midweek, and I’m halfway between the frantic scrabbling about after this week’s Loose Canon and the slow build towards next week’s show (which is shaping up nicely so far).

If you missed the live show on 6 Towns Radio on Monday, and would like to catch up, please see below for the broadcast times on Pop That Goes Crunch and Radio Lantau, or click on the links to listen via Mixcloud or Soundcloud. We had an excellent featured album from Arno De Cea & The Clockwork Wizards – Flash Freezing The Sun – frantic surf-punk from Aquitaine, plus heaps of other fine fare, from all over everywhere.

Tomorrow afternoon it’s time for Simon’s Big New Thursday Thing of course – the delightful array of music is already loaded onto a USB and ready to go, but as for the spoken content, who knows which way it’ll go? If you’d like to catch up on recent shows, click on the Mixcloud or Soundcloud links below – I would particularly like to draw your attention to the episode from 30th March…

Live music wise, in two-and-a-half weeks it’s The Situation’s 6th Big May Birthday, our annual all-dayer at The Foxlowe Community Arts Centre in Leek – Saturday 6th May from 2pm. As always, there will be three stages – one of them on the patio, weather permitting – and twelve plus acts, including indie excellence from headliners The Gurus, noise-pop mayhem from Mouses, ambient guitar wonders from Eyre Llew, plus 10 O’Clock Chemical, Rachel Ferguson, The Torch, Thieves Asylum, Goya, A Thousand Wolves, Jay Johnson, Vienna Sunset, Randall’s Stone, and more. It’s always a cool and fantastic day, in an outstanding venue, with a huge range of original music, a great atmosphere, and it’s family-friendly. Come and make a day of it with us!

And as for the political situation – pretend Thatcher calls the election that she promised wouldn’t happen until 2020, right in the middle of the Brexit shitfest – please, please let us all, as decent human beings, unite and kick the despicable Tory slime-beings back into whichever dark pit they oozed out of, and take the first steps on the road towards a more tolerant and caring society.

Mixcloud & Soundcloud archives:



The Situation’s 6th Big May Birthday:


Loose Canon schedule:

Monday 9pm BST – 6 Towns Radiohttp://www.6towns.co.uk/
Wednesday 7pm HKT (12 noon BST) – 
Radio Lantauhttp://radiolantau.com/
Wednesday 10am PDT (6pm BST) – 
Pop That Goes Crunchhttps://popthatgoescrunch.com/
Thursday 4pm PDT (12 midnight BST) –  
Pop That Goes Crunchhttps://popthatgoescrunch.com/


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